Isn't he the cutest

Tuxedo Cat you've ever seen?

What more could one ask for?  Two cats are good, four are a small zoo!

Who cares if you have to scoop the two litterboxes twice a day.  And put all breakables up where it takes a ladder to reach them.  Three harrowing hours every other month of clipping the long hair on the two older cats.  Then bathing all four.  And removing cat hair from all wool, and also black clothing.  And the annual shots at the vet….no problem!  'Ole Mom wants to keep her kitties in tip-top health.  Oh, and the ear-mites that Punkin gets.  And the hairballs that are passed.  In the hallway.  On the rugs.  In our laps.  Treats.  Treats!!  TREATS!!!!  The promise of this delicacy prompts a feeding frenzy of these dear pets of mine.  Nope!  No one puts on the "cool airs of disdain" of a cat when "Treats! is hollered by Mom.  And the kneading on one's stomach at 2:30am is adorable.  The little beggars sneaking a porkchop off of one's dinnerplate.   The teeth-marks in a favorite plant.  The threat of putting them on the endangered species list….doesn't

deter their behavior.  When they press up against you as they snuggle down for a nap….and start their little "motors running"…… there is no other thing in this world that matters.  Life is purr-fect.

I love cats and all animals !

Owning 4 cats has taught me the most efficient way to kitty-proof the house, litter-box scoop and entertain 2 cats with 1 hand, while using the computer with the other, and provide enough stimulation to an otherwise sedentary species of hairballs with legs.  Life is never boring….not with 4 Tootsie-Roll factories !

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cutest thing you ever saw?

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CATS!  Of course.

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