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Billboards with the messages from God are visible from all major highways and avenues throughout Broward County, including I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. In addition, the

messages are on 100 bus sides and in  200 interiors of Broward County Transit buses. 

Here's a list of the 17 messages....

1. Let's meet at my house Sunday before the game.....God
2. C'mon over and bring the kids....God
3. What part of "Thou shalt not..." didn't you understand...God
4. We need to talk....God
5. Keep using my name in vain and I'll make rush hour last longer.....God
6. Loved the wedding, invite me to the marriage.....God
7. That "love thy neighbor" thing ....I meant it.....God
8. I love you.....I love you...I love you........God
9. Will the road you're on get you to my place???....God
10. Follow me......God
11. Big bang theory. You've got to be kidding...God
12. My way is the highway......God
13. Need directions?......God
14. You think it's hot here????.......God
15. Tell the kids I love them......God
16. Need a marriage counselor? I'm available....God
17. Have you read my #1 best seller? there will be a test!.....God


God in His wisdom selected this group of men and women to be the
purveyors of His goodness. In selecting those to bring about

this phenomenon, He went
not to the proud, the mighty, the famous, nor the brilliant. He went,
instead, to the humble and unfortunate. He went to the drunkard - the
so-called weakling of the world. He might well have said to us: "Unto
your weak and feeble hands I have entrusted a power beyond estimate. To
you has been given that which has been denied the most learned of your
fellows. Not to scientists, not to wives nor mothers, not even to my
priests or ministers have I given this gift of healing other alcoholics
which I entrust to you. It must be used unselfishly. It carries with it
grave responsibility. No day can be too long - no effort too great. It
must be used with tolerance, for I have restricted it's application to
no race, no creed, and no denomination. Personal criticism you must
expect. Lack of appreciation will be common. Ridicule will be your lot.
Your motives will be misjudged. You must be prepared for adversity, for
what men call adversity is the ladder you must ascend - rung by rung -
toward spiritual perfection; and remember, in the exercise of this
power, I shall not exact from you beyond your capabilities. You are not
selected because of your exceptional talents. Be careful always, if
success attends your efforts, not to ascribe to personal superiority
that to which you can lay claim only by
virtue of my gift. If I had wanted learned men to accomplish this
mission, the power would have been entrusted to the physician and scientist. If I had
wanted eloquent men there would have been many anxious for the
assignment, for talk is the easiest used of all the talents which I have
endowed mankind. If I had wanted scholarly men, the world is filled with
better qualified men than you who would be available. You were selected
because you have been the outcasts of the world and your experience as
drunkards has made (or should make) you humbly alert to the cries of
distress that come from the lonely hearts of alcoholics everywhere. Keep
ever in mind the admission you made on the day of your profession in
Alcoholics Anonymous - that you are powerless and that it was only with
your willingness to turn your life and will unto my keeping that relief
came to you."


Real true-to-life billboards in Florida.  They make their point.