Animals I Have Loved in My Life  

                                         [Past & Present]

 Ra - Punkin - Cody - Squirt 

 Squirt  & Punkin  

Punkin 2/23/91-6/1/04 Squirt  6/16/91-5/5/05    
  Please look at all my beloved animals that have graced my life.  Then, feel free to read these  wonderful stories about peoples' pets  and that these great creatures have certainly demonstrated their ability to love us humans.
 Ra    Cody  














Punkin, Squirt, Ra, & Cody were my 4 cats.  Punkin and Squirt have left us - they both were afflicted with kidney failure.  They were half-brother and sister.   They had been with me for 14 years.  Ra and Cody were born in 1998, and are doing well.  Ra is very talkative, and Cody is VERY reclusive.  No one knows where he really goes ! They are both indoor cats.


 Sadie & Zipper    Sadie    Baby Zipper  








Sadie and Zipper were the loves of my life.  They were an extension of who I am.  These two puppies were also very devoted to each other.  They loved "treats", walks "outside", and had a very broad vocabulary.  Life situations and circumstances made it necessary to find another home.  On the bright side:  they were adopted out together - I am very grateful of that fact.


 Sheba 1996-2001  









Sheba was a Jack Russell-mix.  Her owner said Sheba was in-bred.  She was a "psycho-dog".  She would be lovable one minute, then she would turn on you and become a bit threatening.  A brain aneurism is what killed her.  She was a unique dog, and her moodiness was her trademark.  Sheba was an excellent watch-dog.


Jack is a Border collie, and belongs to my brother and his wife.  Jack is a very good dog, and very loving.  He will "herd you to death !"  He knows a few Spanish words. He has his favorite baby-dolls.  All the same, Jack is a very fun dog to be around.  But better stay behind him - he will herd you in a heartbeat!  Zoey is Jack's sibling.  'Nuff said.  At ease, Zoey !


More Animals I have Loved and Cared for


 Sammy & Hot-Sizzle

 Hot-Sizzle & Sammy






Charlie is the dog belonging to my stepmother.  Charlie is very excitable, and has a sweet disposition.  He is very possessive of his owner - don't give a hug to her, he will growl and carry on.  But he loves to be spoiled.

Sammy and Hot-Sizzle are neighbors of mine.  Hot-Sizzle is about 3 yrs. old; Sammy is about 1.5 yrs. old.  They are precious puppies, both dachshunds.  Sammy has longer hair; Hot-Sizzle is a short-hair.  I have made bandanas with their names on them.  Every time I go over to see them, I take biscuits and sausage rolls [doggie treats].  I love them to pieces.  Knowing them, playing with them, and loving them helps with the pain of the loss of Sadie and Zipper, in November 2003.



Ki-Ki was adopted from a rescue in Sept. 2006.  She is owned by Doug and Amy.  She is a delightful, yet very independent cat.


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